Our Story


l've been wearing glasses since I've been 8 years old

I remember having to squint and stretch my eyes to look at the board in class.
My first pair of glasses were the Walmart 3000s (you know the really ugly cheap ones) and let me tell you, they were not cute... I wouldn't wear them because they made me feel self-conscious!

Making my vision even worst.

I made it a dream to be able to design gorgeous, sustainable, and affordable eyewear collections so that anyone can feel comfortable and confident while wearing our glasses.

Fast forwarding to today, VIVACE has become an outlet for people to express their individuality through a forever accessory

Ivana Diaz,

Creator of VIVACE Italian Eyewear

Our small yet dedicated team, strives to design eyewear that is timeless but not traditional.

Much of our eyewear is ethically produced in Cadore, Italy and is made using eco-friendly materials such as acetate, a plastic derived from cotton, and titanium, a non-invasive eco metal.

We believe in enhancing your essence through our stunning and sustainable eyewear designs by making sure that our Italian couture eyewear is accessible to everyone by maintaining affordable prices for high-quality products.

about our manufacturing

VIVACE takes pride in presenting a realistic representation of life.

When it comes to our aesthetic, we draw inspiration from the picturesque romanticism of Italy and the cosmopolitan style of New York City.

Our aim is to maintain an organic visual that exudes authenticity. We encourage our customers to showcase VIVACE in their own unique way, as we truly value individuality and self-expression